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Rental Terms

The following terms apply to all rentals provided by Jovani linens






                         TERMS AND CONDITIONS

      Client Name________________________ Event Date__________________________


      Invoice No: ________________Total of the invoice ___________


Initial _____________                          DEPOSITS


All contracts require a 50% deposit, a signed Contract, signed Terms and Conditions along with the credit card information to hold your date and the items listed on the contract. Orders will not be held or processed until all (3) items have been submitted. The non-refundable deposit will be credited towards 50% of each item listed on the contract. We accept MC/Visa and American Express.


Initial __________                                BALANCES


All balances are to be paid in full prior to the event date. If balance is being paid with a personal check, the order must be paid a full 2 weeks prior to the event date. All returned checks are subject to a $35.00 returned check charge.


    Initial __________                             CANCELLATIONS


Once a contract has been signed and/or deposit received, the contract is confirmed. The deposit secures 50% of each item listed, therefore, you may remove an item, and however, the deposit on that item will be forfeited. Items on the contract may increase or decrease once confirmed, however manufactured items cannot decrease.  All orders are to have final quantities confirmed with jovani Linens by the client 48 hours prior to event. Decreases will not be accepted within 48 hours of event. Once an order leaves our premises full charges apply. All deposits are non-refundable. A cancellation charge will be applied for all custom orders for new rental products if order is cancelled after a confirmation has been sent to Jovani Linens. The cancellation charge will be a total of 3 times the rental rate on each item. The cancellation charge.


Initial __________                              DAMAGE WAIVER


A Damage Waiver fee is an optional 10% of the total linen rental order. The damage waiver is insurance against any general damage to the item. The damage waiver does not protect against abuse, wax or loss. An item is deemed ¿abused¿ if all 3 panels to the linen is damaged and un-repairable. If damage occurs to any rented item, the client has the option of purchasing the damaged item at a specified price. This purchase price differs from the replacement charge price.



Initial __________                     REPLACEMENT CHARGES


If linen is lost, not returned, torn, burned or soiled beyond cleaning, the replacement cost of 3 times the rental rate will be charge in addition to the rental charge. Chair Covers and table covers have a standard replacement charge of $50.00 each. All orders are counted prior to delivery, at the delivery site, upon completion of installation, at the site during pickup and also once the order has been returned to our warehouse. In the event of damages or shortages, you will be notified by phone and fax within 48 hours of pickup/return date. It is the client¿s responsibility to return shortages to Jovani Linens within 24 hours of notification or the replacement charges will be billed to the credit card on file. The client is responsible for all items listed on the contract at all times. Any loss which occurs at the client¿s facility or while in their possession, will be the client¿s responsibility. Once delivery and setup services are complete, the items are the responsibility of the client. Any issues regarding loss at a facility will be between the client and the facility. WAX: All candles must be contained. In the event any wax residue is returned on an item a $10.00 cleaning charge will apply. If the item is completely un-cleanable, a replacement charge of 3 times the rental rate will be billed to the client.



    Initial __________                           INSTALLATIONS


Jovani Linens provides complimentary setups Monday thru Saturday 8:00am to 6:00 pm for events with a minimum of $1500 order.All Sunday installations will be assessed a $0.50 extra charge per chair cover. No extra items will be left at the facility if counts change the day of the event without prior approval from the client. It is the client¿s responsibility to have a representative of their choice on site during installation to verify that the installation items match the counts on their contract. Otherwise all items installed will be verified and documented by our staff.




Initial __________                   DELIVERIES/PICKUPS


All clients have the option of either returning their order on the Monday following a Friday, Saturday or Sunday event, or having Jovani Linens pick up the order on the date specified on your contract, or having Jovani Linens pickup the order immediately following your event. The delivery and pickup charges will be noted on your contract depending on the type of pickup you prefer. All pickups which are scheduled immediately following the event are subject to a charge of $50.00 for each company vehicle needed.






 Initial __________          CLIENT PICKUPS AND RETURNS


Each order that is being picked up by a client will have their order counted and checked for accuracy by a Jovani Linens employee prior to the order leaving the premises. The client is required to sign a receipt of rental. The return date is noted on the contract. Upon the order being returned, a Jovani Linens employee will check in and count the order. If the client is unable to wait for the return count, the client may sign a return waiver which specifies that all counts taken by Jovani Linens are true and accurate. If the order is not returned on the date specified on the contract, the damage waiver will be null and void.




Initial __________                 ON-CALL STAFF


Our office staff is always available for emergencies any date or time. Simply contact the main office at 702-460-8370, leaves an emergency message, and we will be paged. Our on call staff will do whatever possible to accommodate your last minute needs. Additional charges may apply.






To be completed for all orders


I do hereby guarantee that the following is a valid credit card upon which I have signature rights. I do hereby authorize that Jovani Linens. may place all charges for rentals

Including any replacement charges for missing or damaged items on this credit card. Notwithstanding, customer agrees to provide payment in full in the event the card specified is not used.




Print Name as appears on card________________________________________________


Credit Card (circle one)       VISA  AMEX  MC


Credit Card  #________________________________ Exp ___________


Should we post a 50% deposit to credit card?     YES                NO

Should be post balance to credit card?                YES                NO








In the event authorization is given to Jovani Linens to post all charges (rental and/or replacement) to a third party credit card, Jovani Linens must have written authorization and signature of Cardholder.


Cardholder Signature___________________________________


                       Print Name________________________________________


Credit Card (circle one)     VISA     AMEX       MC    


                      Credit Card    #________________________________ Exp __________



I have read this entire document and agree to the terms






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